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I'm Jenia. I like what I like, and I am who I am. I do not feel the need to justify myself to anyone, so don't expect an apology.


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jan betts

Glamour: You killed it on Saturday Night Live earlier this year. We’re still talking about your digital short ‘Dongs All Over the World.’Anna: Thank you! There was a moment when they worried it was too provocative. But even though it’s silly, there’s a pro-sex, feminist message in it somewhere. Like, if Justin Timberlake gets to say ‘Dick in a Box,’ then we get to say, ‘Dongs All Over the World.’ (x)
Mildly really drunk right now

I want to chain smoke and constantly drink but I also want to be super healthy and eat veggies and kale smoothies and do crossfit do you see my problem


DSquared F/W 2006

viα razorshapesMarsy Hild - Void (2011

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Avdalen Gard (= farm) y1598 (by Atle Rønningen)