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I’m a pretty tolerant person.

But there’s something that I just refuse to accept. It’s called otherkin/therian/furry/transethnic/headmate “culture”. 

Do you know why I won’t accept this? Because it’s a bunch of people who self-diagnose mental illnesses and then have the audacity to say that they are perfectly normal people who identify as animals. Or galaxies. Or potatoes.

In layman’s terms: grown-ass people who think they’re animals. Or teenagers. 

And they think this is completely fine. And they think they’re oppressed. 

No, it’s not completely fine. It’s not ok. You think you are a dragon. Or a goblin. Or an alien. You are not, in fact, any of these things. You are just someone who is trying way to hard to be special.

And you think you have another person in your head? No. That’s called schizophrenia.

You think you should have been born another ethnicity? I really don’t even want to touch that; the ~social justice~ ramifications are too much of a pain in the ass.

And another thing. I hate it when people such as this call themselves pagan. I say this because: they’re only doing it for attention/their introduction to it has been the Avengers. If you have the audacity to count yourself among us, do it the right way. If you worship Loki, but you refuse to identify as Asatruar or Rokkatruar, then you do not know what you are talking about and you can shut the fuck up. You think you’re “talking” to Loki? You’re really not; you’re only talking to the voices in your head. 

You people come up with anything you can to make yourself seem special so that you can feel special. But you’re not. You’re the same decaying, organic matter as the rest of us.

You want to be a special snowflake? 

Then go excel at something. Go outside and make some friends. Turn off your enabling computer and read a book. Hell. Get rid of your internet connection. You need to restart at life. 

I’m not even going to apologize for this opinion. If you’re offended at this, then you are a teenager with seven self-diagnosed mental illnesses,3 transethnicities, 4 headmates, and you identify as a pizza.

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    Firstly, those things you just mentioned otherkin, multiples, furries ect? Are not the same thing. They are different...
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